Final Outlaw…A Real MC

Final Outlaw is an MC. I do NOT want to call him “up and coming”, “underground”, or any other term that is so overly used. He is an MC and he can spit….period. Like real MCs did in the good old days, he stays on his grind daily to make a name for himself. He is very passionate about Hip Hop and his lyrics are sick. If you have never heard of him, check out his website,

It is great to see an MC giving back to the youth and the community. Everything I have heard or seen from this man suggests that he keeps it real. No, he does not talk about ice, cars, boats, and all that fake life most “rappers” talk about. This is because he does not actually live that life. So many wack ass “rappers” need to take notes and realize that the youth must not be lied to.

Keep checking in with for more music and videos from Final Outlaw and other real MCs.

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2 Responses to Final Outlaw…A Real MC

  1. s.u.m.o.n.e. says:

    i up most respect finaloutlaw for doing things like this he is with out a question a true mc sumthin i havent seen in years in my opinion and also for coming to the bronx where im from and lived all my life to speak to the children over here peace to the god finaloutlaw keep it up my friend

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