M-Dot – Making Doubters Over Think (Mixtape Review)

The recent winner of the 2010 Rap Act of the Year at the Boston Music Awards, released his latest project, “M-Dot – Making Doubters Over think”, mixtape . For those who are familiar with M-Dot’s work he hasn’t missed a step since his last project with DJ Jean Maron, “Run MPC”. But if you doubted his lyrical ability you might have to over think and listen to what this man is saying. Here are few highlights: M-Dot begins the project with the “Letter to Hip Hop” displaying his love for the genre as being his passion and best friend, “….you’re my best friend all I have… ”. M-Dot continues the pace with the Confidence produced track, “No Turning Back, expressing how he is focused on his craft but struggles with the path he has taken and that it is apparent with the lines “went from girlfriend to that groupie days, went from sipping liquor to sitting and thinking quicker thinking of a bigger picture the past will catch you will quicker, explaining that this is his struggle and his pain on the record”.
The EMS posse cut, “Believe Now”, produced by Skammadix, is a bold statement of we here now!!! The chorus suits that statement with “I try to warn you but know you never listened though…you have no faith in us but now it starts to show” . A statement to all non believers that the EMS crew will be a staple in hip hop for years to come. The track “Eastcoast Points” featuring King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law, reestablishes the point that M-Dot can handle his own lyrically among hip hop heavy weights, just in case you doubted him. Every track on this mixtape does not disappoint making it a heavy piece. Overall “Making Doubters Over Think” has established the point that M-Dot is a lyricist on the rise with a future that is boundless. Definitely give it a listen too.

Previously M-Dot – Making Doubters Over Think (Mixtape)

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