Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee & DJ Priority – Fresh Amazingly (Album Review)

“now planet earth can’t hold me/ water can’t scold me”

What words can I say about this album that represents it the fullest? I know amazingly fresh!!! If you are familiar with the duos catalog of work, then you won’t be disappointed. The album raises the bar for both Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee & DJ Priority to another level.
Here are a couple highlights:

The album begins with a snippet of Dougie Fresh,(no one else would be better to do the intro- it fits just right), setting the mood for the musical journey you are about to experience in hip hop.The Take off (track 2) blasts you in to a heavy thumping head nod, with Venomous asserting his position with the lyrics “now planet earth can’t hold me/ water can’t scold me/inner foundations is the only thing can ,mold me”.Five On The Black Hand Side 1 (track 3) is a soulful melodic instrumental composed by DJ Priorityck that is accompanied by the smooth lyrics of Venomous displaying his heart with the chorus “gimme five on the black hand side/give me heart that I can’t deny; expressing his concern of a troubled relationship “how we get to this junction/must of been something/ that got in between the cause a subtle interruption”.Venomous continues to deliver non stop punch lines and thought-provoking lyrics throughout the project and proves that he can hold his own with the likes of Cymarshall Law, John Robinson, Rhymegeddon Tone Liv etc, on Hip Hop Does It (track 4), Rhymes Could Do It (track 9),and Emcees Ultra (track 14).
The track that stands out to me the best is Life ( track 15). This is the most introspective track on the album. Venomous expresses his concern of if he will be remembered once the mic drops,”flash before my eyes and come quickly/after I put down mics will they forget me”. Reminiscing how his hip hop journey begun with the ups and downs, apologizing to his mom for not receiving a scholarship.Stating why talk about death when we could breathe life a good analogy for both the state of hip hop the last couple of years and the power of word. Deep lyrics.
All in all this is a real soulful, lyrical joint that I have yet to stop listening to. I suggest you purchase it on Feb. 1st and don’t bullshit. This right here is real hip hop.

Rating – 4out5 stars…

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1 Response to Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee & DJ Priority – Fresh Amazingly (Album Review)

  1. sHeiA says:

    Very accurate review! Its the culmination of what’s missing in music today, raw SPIRIT! Love it!!!!!

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