The Hip-Hop “Banned” List :Words & Terms

today i nominate a certain word to be Banned from Hip-Hop for good, for ever aaaaand always times 2. and that words is: “LAB” or “Da LAB”, here’s an example of it’s usage;

example: “yo B, i’m in Da Lab cookin up some shit for my mixtape yo”


….1. nobody cooks in a Lab, im pretty sure it’s not a safe thing to do

secondly, this word used to be used when referring to an actual recording studio, now it’s used to describe a closet, bedroom or living room with sam-ash stuff in it

and C. if it were really a lab, then why can’t alot of you come up with a new way to express the monotonous topics that you cling on to ever so tightly?, and and and why can’t a new flow be concocted as well? i mean, it IS a *thunder strike, lightning flash* lab! right?

….it’s been run to the ground people,it’s not cool anymore,it isn’t going to turn your moms stocking into a real pop filter it’s time for a new term make it happen.

now i gotta dip to get fresh so my swag is stupid jiggy for later on, holla at me dog one-hunnit peeps!


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