Tab from Dead Poets – Conscious Music! The 28 Day Solution (Mixtape)

1.The Chicken and The Egg {prod.Tab}
2.One Way Street {prod.Tab}
3.The Moral of the Story {prod. Anitek}
4.Behind the Wheel {prod.Tab}
5.One More {prod. Anitek}
6.The Sunshine {feat Renagade} {prod. Tab and Sinical}
7.Daydreams Nightmare{Interlude}{prod.Tab}
8.Bo0m Stand {prod.Tab}
9.And than it Comes Again {prod.Jesus Himself}
10.Underwater {prod.Anitek}
11.Funkin’ Standard {prod.A.U.R.C}
12.Lifted Scriptures {prod.Tab}
13.Which Way {prod.Anitek}
14.Behind NY City {prod.Tab}
15.Attack Of The Nameless {prod.Tab}


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