Tenille ft KON – Miles Apart

Tenille and KON… Two names you should already be familiar with. Their first collaboration wasWINNER produced by KON. Pretty normal occurrence unless you factor in that they had never met or even spoken before this collaboration took place. Thanks to KON’s manager Onix Duran (Famous By Affiliation) who had met Tenille during the filming of a Kool G. Rap video, heard her sing and immediately exchanged contact info with the lovely songstress. With the beat for WINNER fresh in his in-box he made the genius decision of sending it to Tenille the second he got home. Once KON heard the finished product he reached out to her on Facebook and well, the rest my friends is history…


Aside from production, KON is a gifted MC/song writer and this new collaboration with Tenille definitely showcases his ability to do both. Tenille also a gifted song writer sent him this song (practically finished) with hopes that he would only write a verse to it, but what she got back definitely surprised her… Recorded on the beat for Jamie Foxx and Drake’s “Fall For Your Type” it’s definitely a great spin on an already great song! So without further adieu they are proud to present… MILES APART!
Download|Tenille ft KON – Miles Apart |Acapella

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