Tone Liv – The New Pollution

1. New Pollution Intro.(Prod by Aurc)
2. Musclehead feat Scumbag Mc Fly(Prod by Aurc)
3. Sgt slaughter(Prod by Dibiase)
4. New Pollution feat Sol Zalez and Aurc(Prod by Aurc)
5. Four Universe feat Aurc, Meatman and Sol Zalez(Prod by DJ Absurd)
6. Painful Bells feat Meat Man(Prod by Depakote)
7. Attack Of The Show feat Tab and Aurc(Prod by Vincent Price)
8. Paint On The Wall(Prod by Depakote)
9. Dont Ask Me For Shit(prod by Transformer)
10. Fuck The World(Prod by Phd, Cuts by Phd)
11. Dead Meat(Prod by Vincent Price)
12. Trifecta feat B Stilt and Tame One(Prod by Phd, Cuts by Phd)
13. End Of The Day(Prod by Vincent price, Cuts by DJ Absurd)

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