Nemisis – The Undergrauate Review

When I approach reviewing mixtapes and albums, I expect certain key aspects that are crucial in my opinion to be a successful project. Is it play in the car music? Can the you play the music in your car from start to finish and not have one complaint about. Does it grab your attention? If you heard a verse, punchline or metaphor that made you just say “he (or she) just didn’t say that” or “hold up rewind that”. Do the producer and the lyricsists (rappers) mesh together well to make a great sound? And finally is it worth my time.
Now with the project I can honestly say that it is by far one the best projects I have heard in awhile.
It is a good combo of beats and lyrics that delivers track after track that hard boom bap hip hop.
It has that rewind factor on almost every track, I can even say I caught some subliminals even if it was intentional or unintentional. The project also introduced me to new artists (which I will be checking for their material in a quick minute) who I felt held their own if not destroyed the track they were on. Track after track Nemisis raised the bar on this project and now I’m holding him to this standard! My only issue is that it needs a volume 2, so Nemisis hurry the f*#k up and deliver another dope joint and this time don’t take 2 years to do it!!! You hear me Mr. Boom Bap!?!

Get it here

3.5 of 5 stars

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