DISKSTROYER, DJ Q-Bert's Fine Art Collaboration With W.A.I.L. (When Art Imitates Life)

On February 19th, DJ Q-Bert’s first foray into fine art was released exclusively through When Art Imitates Life(W.A.I.L.), the art imprint spearheaded by Sway Calloway of MTV and King Tech of the World Famous Wake Up Show. The deejay known to many as ‘the Jimi Hendrix of turntables’ pays homage to the album art for Hendrix’s 1967 Axis: Bold As Love, and sprinkles 50 hidden elements throughout the piece reflecing his life, interests and career, making it a work that reveals itself through multiple viewings. When asked about similarities between himself and Hendrix, Q says “we’re both so free, and we express animal instincts when playing our musical instruments.”
Two editions of the 250 pieces exist in this limited run of 60″ x 25″ canvases – Chromeo, boasting a metallic, hard-edged color pallette; and Spectrum, which stays true to the original Hendrix color format. Every piece is numbered and signed by Q-Bert, making each a one-of-a-kind collectible. Additionally, each bears a unique set of Q-Bert’s handprints in acrylic paint atop the design. “Diskstroyer is a spiritual representation of how order can be created out of chaos,” says Q. “It all falls within the title of the piece.  Sometimes you have to destroy something to create something beautiful.”
WAIL was founded in 2010 by King Tech of the World Famous Wake Up Show and MTV’s Sway Calloway in conjunction with notorious L.A. creativity house SceneFour.
preview/purchase at qbertart.com

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