Ask Arie Week 5

Arie, In today’s market, how important is it for an indie artist to get a record played on Radio as opposed to a video on the most popular blogs? My artist is incredible and I want to start building his career nationally but I’m hoping with a record on the radio here in Atlanta, I can get some interest from the label’s who can put the money behind us to push the a record nationally. Of course this question is more related to limited resources and what’s a better way to spend the money. So many artists have seem to sprung alive from the internet. Is that lane as easy as it seems?- Dave

Honestly, don’t waste your funds on radio. It won’t do any good, at least not at this point in your artist’s career. Radio is like the golden arches of music. Try and follow me… [When you see McDonalds golden arches, you already know what to expect without even tasting their fries or burgers that day] right?
Radio is the same way. Artists only do well on radio, because people have already had them shoved down their throats by the major labels and their BIG marketing budgets. You’d be surprised how we “the general public” are hypnotised to know an artists voice before receiving confirmation from a promo picture that, they are the one’s who are actually singing that new “HOT” single.
My advice…. Use what budget you have on, online marketing and creating enough worthwhile material to gain attention for your artist via online sites, blogs, e-zines etc. Besides buying banners and video placement (on those sites who over charge, but claim to support indies) We’ll leave them nameless– For the most part everything else should be free, [just make sure the artist’s music and style fits the online audience you’re trying to appeal to]. By doing so, with what you have, you may create your own “McDonalds Effect”.
If done the correct way with proper preparation, you may attract the attention of labels and distribution companies. It’s no longer the 90’s, labels want talent that come with a following, this saves them money and overpriced man hours. [I call this just add water talent].
And let’s be real even if you paid to get music played on a major radio station, the money wouldn’t be long enough to get your single in the top 15 rotation during popular commuting hours. [Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne/ YM already have that on lock]. It would get placed in some random DJs hood hour mix or something, during off hours. [Being just as effective as paying MTV Jams to play your video, when no one knows who you are to care]. You would just have the pleasure of saying your music was played on that station or network. Don’t cheat your hard work and artist’s talent.
Go hard with the ground work and I’m sure the “big shots” will take notice and find you. So start laying the brinks on that trail and keep me posted.
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