Homeboy Sandman x Jimmy Fallon (Make It Happen)

The spring we’re keeping busy with a ton of new ish for your earholes and places to meet up with us! Read the other features for more info.

Some of you have been reading about this campaign to get Homeboy Sandman on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, if you’re wondering what it’s all about, we’ll tell you.

We’ve really been digging what Jimmy Fallon has been doing (along with Questlove, music director) to help expose new and exciting artists to the mainstream audiences. It’s definitely refreshing, so, how dope would it be to have our boy Sand on there?! He’s a positive life-force that exemplifies awesome. So many cats bitch and complain about how they don’t see enough of their favorite artists at the forefront, well, here’s an opportunity to do just that!

If you’re on this mailing list, odds are you’re a fan of the ‘Boy Sand’, so get involved and at least get your voice out there on Twitter, Facebook and if you’re in NYC stop by Rockefeller Plaza and shout it out with t-shirts, signs and word-of-mouth! If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, why not post your own original pictures and videos to display the campaign and spread the word! We’ve all got a spare 10 mins a day to help get the word out to the right people, so we can see our favorite dude hit the mainstage!

Get on Facebook and join the event 🙂
Contact: @questlove on Twitter
Contact: @LateNightJimmy on Twitter



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