DJ Burn One – Joints (Mixtape)

After producing Rittz’ Smash Potatoes exclusive freestyle, Freddie Gibb’s Do Wrong and too many more dope records to name here, DJBooth thought it was only right to team up with DJ Burn One for his new mixtape Joints, a showcase of the Southern beatsmith’s best work.

Joints is presented by DJBooth and Ballers Eve. All production is, of course, handled by Burn One, with Freddie Gibbs, Rittz, Young Buck, Johnny Spanish, Jackie Chain and more putting in work on the mic.

01. Rittz – Smash Potatoes (DJBooth Exclusive Freestyle)
02. Indeed (Ricky Fontaine & Walt Live) – Weed Money Music
03. Jackie Chain – Don’t Violate
04. KD ft. Freddie Gibbs – Let Me Ride
05. P Watts ft Freddie Gibbs – One Day at a Time
06. Starlito – @*#$! Ya
07. Mouce (Ft. Ricky Fontaine) – Fly High
08. Dee Goodz – I Can’t Stop
09. Johnny Spanish – Like That
10. Indeed ft. Cornbread – Blue Dream (Hookah Lounge)
11. Freddie Gibbs – My Way Home
12. Freddie Gibbs – Do Wrong
13. Starlito – Do Wrong
14. Young Buck – Bury Me Alive
15. Rittz – High Five
16. DJ Burn One – Exotica

Download here

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