G-Scott – The Dreamer (Prod by G-Scott)

“The Dreamer” is definitely a different look into what the mixtape will be like.  It’s basically my life and my dreams, goals and aspirations wrapped up into a musical format.  I wanted the listener to feel something like I feel when they played the song as I want people to feel all of my music and feel a part of the emotions that occur in my real life as a college student and upcoming musical artist from Indiana.  The purpose of the track is to inspire and hopefully It does that.  It is the 2nd official release from my upcoming mixtape entitled: Scott Bailey vs. The World which will be hosted by DJ Benzi and Willy Joy.  This is the 1st time the two DJ’s have collaborated on a solo artists full project so it’s definitely big for me.  The mixtape is also now sponsored by MostlyJunkfood.com IllCity Chicago, WhatsInMyHeadphones.com,AshleyOutrageous.com,Ynotmydream.net and FratMusic.com.  The tape will be released in late April through my official site as well as Livemixtapes.com.
Download|G-Scott – The Dreamer (Prod by G-Scott)


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