SYOR (Start Your Own Rebellion) – Right Here (Video)

The latest from Dreamville, “StartYourOwnRebellion” (SYOR) is the next level of music entertainment fusing genres such as hip-hop, alternative rock and electro
to create a truly unique futuristic soundscape. The group of four consist of vocalists Maza and Kid.Digit-Ø, as well as producers 07017 and Ceddy. Hailing from the Desolate Zone of Octagon City,
SYOR intends on spreading their message worldwide while daring listeners to be bold and defiant.

StartYourOwnRebellion’s first release will be the long awaited LP3020, a mash-up album in which SYOR formally introduces themselves while running wild over a collection of Ratatat instrumentals.
Straying from the undeniable Ratatat-ness of the album is a completely original final track, the introspective “Let it Go” featuring Rocnation artist J.Cole. The aim of SYOR’s first release is simple: to shake up the mundane and status quo with the very words that have gotten them this far…
Start Your Own Rebellion!
Download|SYOR – Right Here


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