John Legend ft Kenton Dunson – Rolling In The Deep (Kenton Dunson Remix)

“When I heard John released this acappella of an awesome song by a great artist, I took that acappella and went to my piano, kick drum and bottle of whiskey…this happened.” – Kenton Dunson

About Kenton Dunson:
Kenton Dunson became proactive on his music career in early 2010 when he resigned from his position at an investment firm to embark on the journey of an artist. People continue to find it difficult to put him in a box because of his talents which include self-production, vocals, lyricism and intense attack on in multiple instruments. He first released abstract musical energy with a debut, The Kenton Dunson Progressions, but not long after released the highly heralded self-produced and much more intense album, Creative Destruction. The Maryland native has played in bands of multiple-genres over the years but took the chance to go solo and has since found a very receptive global base of listeners through online support and live performances. Kenton is currently working on his third project, but in the meantime has taken interest in remixing popular songs that lend themselves to his creative style. Visit to experience the journey of an artist.

Soundcloud Link:

Download|John Legend ft Kenton Dunson – Rolling In The Deep (Kenton Dunson Remix)

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